Faculty of Economics science

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Faculty of economic sciences is one of the oldest faculties of the BSNU. Educational concepts, realized on the faculty, had influenced the BSNU traditions and its image. Our main concern is to rely on the formation of students’ ability to communicate effectively, ability to find and process the information, skills to make decisions in uncertain situations. All those three whales of humanitarian philosophy allow our graduates to successfully compete in the labor market.


Strives to form students’ outlook on creating the active position as to education, group values aimed at the searching for new possibilities in getting knowledge, orientation on mankind humanistic criteria of environmental evaluation.

Aims at the creation and development of student society, where qualified and experienced personalities can prepare themselves to reach the main positions in the society of the future.

Following the state demands, building its educational activity on humanistic ideas, relying on the synergetic paradigm, which is the essential component to train young specialist in hard and highly dynamic new informational society.

Specific tasks of the faculty:

  • to train students to achieve such a professional level that allows them to work effectively in complex organizations in dynamic uncertain conditions.
  • to organize university fundamental education as preparation to a social and professional position, that has humanistic, social and administrative character.
  • to provide the possibility for deep special training in professional and functional spheres like preparation to career.
  • to use the connection with practice through education and research in all possible forms.
  • to create, support and develop resources of the faculty, making them accessible for business, state and municipal and other organizations.
  • to influence understanding and development of knowledge by means of research, studying, scientific exchange with state institutions, engaged in trade problem solving, investment, finance management etc.

The professional part of the education is developed by the faculty in accordance with general conceptual provisions – from general to specific, from general system categories and ties to specific procedures of analysis and decision making.  Emphasis is made on teaching the basic knowledge (I-III years of studying) as the basis of professional training (IV-V years of studying) in uncertain and rapid conditions. Understating the peculiarities of world fast developing tendencies, faculty concentrates on developing such students’ skills as:

  • individual getting of knowledge – education process should have the initial component, concerning not only the transmission of the information but methods of its manipulation: students should learn how to study;
  • effective communication with all information carrier, especially humans;
  • analysis, defining of possible alternative and making the right choice.

In today’s conditions, despite the need, it’s very hard to define the demand in specialists in the specific economic field. Along with this, current and perspective meaning has the training of versatile specialists. This gives the possibility to satisfy the social demand in specialists and provides working conditions for graduates. Such specialties are:

  • 03050801 “Finance and credit” (according to specialized programs),
  • 03050401 “Business economics” (according to kind of economic activity),
  • 03050901 “Accounting and Auditing”.

In general sense, the financial expert is a specialist that provides management of cash flow, actives and sources of its formation on enterprises, organizations, and institutions. The complex of knowledge and skills, obtained by students, allow them to work effectively in the sphere of operational activity of enterprise objects, as well as in the sphere of financial and investment activity.

In addition, they can work in related positions in the fields of public finance, in the system of tax authorities, the bodies of the credit system, the system of the stock market and so on. The experience of the last years of the faculty shows that the domestic economy demand for specialists in finance and credit is continuously growing, as well as the demand for qualified specialists. To improve the competitiveness of future financial specialists the faculty introduced the program for Bachelors in “Finance and Credit with foreign language knowledge» that provides significantly more hours for foreign language learning (English) compared with the standard curriculum. Professional training is carried out for bachelor, specialist, and master degree. Basic and special professional subjects are included.


Experts in business economics – is an integral part of any kind of economic activity. Experts in economics provide production planning and cost of goods and services, determine loss-free company and its profitability develop tactics and strategy of the company, engaged in the optimization of business processes, crisis management and more. At the same time, experts in economics get a profound knowledge of finance, accounting, banking, insurance, allowing them to choose the sphere of economic activity for future employment. Professional training is provided for bachelors and master’s degrees.

Experts in accounting and auditing are needed in all sectors of the economy, administrative activities, as they provide accounting and analytical work, control over the formation and use of funds of enterprises and organizations.  In terms of Ukraine’s integration into the world economy accountants and auditors who speak foreign languages are in great demand. For specialty “Accounting and Auditing ” and other economic specialties curriculum offers an increased number of hours for learning a foreign language (English ) and second language (optional – Polish, Bulgarian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese). In addition, the curriculum for Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing included discipline “1C: Enterprise “, which allows not only to provide knowledge of using of this information system but to certify students to the level of “Professional”, which greatly increases their skills and capabilities of getting a well-paid job. Professional training is provided for bachelor and specialist.

Practical economic activity

Special emphasis in the training is made on involving students in practical economic activity. The main forms are practice and research work. They are not only means of improving students’ knowledge but also the way of their professional orientation, the result of which will determine their future employment.  Among the basic practice and job accounting firms are «Ernst & Young», KPMG, production company “NIBULON”, LLC “Mikolaiv Alumina Plant”, LLC “Windy Park Ochakiv”, OOO “Zemal,” Commercial Bank “Privatbank”, “OTP bank “,” Alfa bank “,” Aval “,” Ukreximbank “and others.

The main focus of the recreation organization is cultural and scientific activities. Students provide classes in schools; do research work in Economic club, participate in the Art Center activity of the University, go in for sport. International scientific-practical conference of young scientists “Olbian Forum” takes place in Mikolaiv, Koblevo every year for students of all courses, where students have the opportunity to share scientific achievements with their peers from other cities and countries. Typically, participants are students from Ukraine, Poland, and Russia. In order to integrate the student association business games in English are conducted.

Today, the faculty has about 450 full-time students. The teaching staff includes 37 lecturers, 7 Doctors, and Professors, 22 Associate Professors and PhDs. 100 % of graduates are employed in banks, enterprises and public institutions. They also have the opportunity to study abroad (USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Italy, and Spain), master courses of Master program of Kyiv economics school; undergo training in Ukraine and abroad.

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