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Students in this field of study have the opportunity to study two foreign languages (first – basic for the certificate, the second – elective) and obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to design, creation, maintenance, preservation and reconstruction of building facilities and systems, as well as in the field of architecture and design. In the future, they are the main actors of the building complex of any country in any part of the world that have the necessary knowledge in the field of advanced and energy efficient technologies, create effective designs, products and materials for construction works and reconstruction of buildings, taking into account the trends of environmental management and environmental protection.

Competitive subjects

The list of competitive subjects of the certificate, which will be counted during intake in the specialty of “Construction”:

Ukrainian language and literature
Mathematics (profile)
Physics or foreign language.

Higher education
higher education in the field of knowledge 0601 “Construction and architecture”
the direction of 6.060101 “Construction”
specialty “Industrial and Civil Engineering”

Higher education with short term
It is also possible to get a higher education after short term training if you have a junior specialist diploma in a relevant field (after college, college, higher professional school).

Potential places of employment

Mastering series of normative and selective subjects, including “Construction Materials”, “Urban planning and transport”, “Architecture of buildings and structures”, “Building constructions”, “Organization of construction”, “Construction Economy”, “Technology and organization of construction (management planning and organization of construction) “ ” Systems of automated designing in  construction “,” Resource-saving technologies in construction “,” Technology works at reconstruction “,” Technology of monolithic buildings “and others.  Graduates after graduation can be employed:

in the construction of the organization;
in design and research organizations in the construction industry;
in the management of capital construction, and management departments of architecture and regional administrations and local authorities;
in organizations of quality control system construction;
in companies engaged in the operation and repair of buildings and structures, enterprises Housing;
in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, fire inspection units;
in insurance companies;
in the specialized secondary and higher educational institutions conducting training for the construction industry;
at enterprises producing and trading centers on the implementation of building materials;
in the expert assessment of real estate developers organization;

While studying for 4 years student receives a diploma of basic higher education with qualification – “Bachelor of construction” (code and name in accordance with the classification of professions DK 003: 10 – 3934 “Specialist in construction”) – a specialist who has a fundamental and professionally oriented skills and knowledge in the field of construction, which allows working in specialty and study for further education and qualification level “Master”. Educational and Scientific Institute of engineering objects and systems signed “agreements on training and employment for future graduates” with the Office of Capital Construction Department of Regional Development, Urban Development and Architecture and Department of Housing Mykolaiv Regional State Administration, which confirmed their annual demand for specialists training direction 6.060101 “Construction” area of knowledge 0601 “Construction and architecture” in the amount of 60 people full-time.

Also, the Institute on agreement base cooperates with education, scientific, production spheres and realization of mutual educational, scientific, technical and industrial programs with the most powerful Mykolaiv construction and engineering companies, including Ltd. “Design and Research Institute” Mykolaiv-ahroproekt “, LLC” Yuzhstroy “, JSC” Zhytloprombud-8 “, LLC” Nicholas reinforced Concrete plant “, LLC” Prombud-2 “, LLC” Mykolayivprobudmontazh “and others.

Our university is known in Mykolayiv and in Ukraine and its constant and strong relations with different international organizations and foreign universities that help to ensure a high level of education that meets international requirements.

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