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Today the Faculty of Law BSNU is a leading educational and scientific law institution of the Mykolaiv region. Scientists of the faculty carry out a wide program of research in various spheres of legal science, take an active part in scientific advising of various state and international bodies on legal issues.

The faculty has all the necessary conditions for the training of qualified lawyers in the specialty “Jurisprudence”. The Center for Innovative Methods of Legal Education, which analyzes, summarizes and develops the latest educational technologies, conducts training, publishes methodological aids, etc., operates on the basis of the Faculty.

The Faculty of Law of the BSNU provides future specialists with decent training. Students-lawyers of the BSNU have the appropriate level of political, ethical and psychological culture: clearly formed the fundamental principles of the worldview as a general awareness of the surrounding world and its place in it. Upon completion of the training, the acquired knowledge and skills allow us to determine the path of self-realization in the reality of their own life programs. Graduates will gradually form philosophical, economic, political thinking, understanding of the problems of a market economy, social, national, historical and demographic processes of social development.

Teachers of the BSNU already have considerable experience in teaching subjects, in particular, a foreign language, because at a university at any faculty, foreign languages are studied in a volume of fewer than 1300 hours. In addition to profound English, in BSNU teaches, other foreign languages: since the 3rd year students of all faculties study the second foreign language (German, French, Spanish). The BSNU has a group that successfully learns the Chinese language. Two representatives of the Peace Corps have worked fruitfully at our university for many years.

At the Faculty of Law, the discipline “Criminology” is taught. In order to provide practical training in this discipline, a material-technical base has been created that includes a criminological cabinet (equipped with modern technical and forensic devices, through which students in-depth study the methods of forensic examinations), a photoabsorption, forensic landfill, and forensic devices, instruments, means Senior Lecturer of the Department of Civil and Criminal Law and Process, Konovalov V.V.. For today work on the technical and forensic provision of the educational process is carried out. In order to deepen the humanities and general philological training in BSU them. Petro Mohyla’s curriculum in the cycle of disciplines at the choice of higher education institutions provides for in-depth study of such sciences as ethics, aesthetics, rhetoric, logic.

In addition, a modern specialist must perfectly master modern computer equipment today. In the field of law, in particular, electronic means of collecting and analyzing relevant information have been widely disseminated. Therefore in BSNU, the number of hours for mastering the course “Fundamentals of Informatics and Computer Engineering” is increased 5 times in comparison with the educational requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (268 hours vs. 54). To acquire the specialty “Jurisprudence” at the BSNU created all the necessary conditions.

Students can also use a large library containing textbooks, books, manuals in Ukrainian, Russian and English (about 10,000 copies). The fruitful work of the faculty would be impossible without the efforts of those who helped students find themselves in the chosen specialty, to show their abilities. A good word should be mentioned by the librarians of the reading room, who, in addition to issuing the ordered literature, provide qualified consultations, conduct bibliographic reviews, arrange thematic exhibitions. The faculty has a legal clinic, a photo laboratory and a criminology cabinet, computer classes and a reading room for scientific and educational literature.

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