Faculty of politics science

The history of the faculty dates back to 1997. The need for the Mykolaiv region by qualified political scientists led to the opening of the specialty “Political Science”. Since 2000 the faculty of political sciences has been created and its first dean became the doctor of historical sciences, professor M.O.Bagmet. Since September 2011 the Dean of the Faculty – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor O. Shevchuk.

At present, about 500 students study at the Faculty for educational programs “Political Science”, “International Relations”, “History and Archeology”, “Sociology”. There are four departments: Department of Political Sciences, Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy, Department of History, Department of Sociology. They employ 10 doctors of sciences, professors, 23 candidates of sciences, associate professors, and others.

International relations of the faculty

To ensure an international standard of education, the faculty has permanent and strong links with various international organizations and foreign universities. In particular, the partners of the university are:

  • Ka Foscari University (Venice, Italy);
  • Krakow University (Republic of Poland);
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) “Supporting Democracy in Ukraine”;
  • Dezhou University (PRC).

Students at the Faculty of Political Science have the opportunity to take advantage of the international educational programs Camp America, Fulbright, which gives them the opportunity to get to know the world, get acquainted with the Western education system, and subsequently continue their studies in master’s programs from leading European and other universities.

Masters in Political Science, International Relations and History

It is highly qualified specialists, trained for scientific, pedagogical, research and practical activity. Graduates possess a sufficiently high level of theory, professional skills and can participate in a variety of fields of activity.

Graduates of the specialty “Political Science” on the level of their qualifications can work on the following positions:

  • political scientist;
  • member of the Department of Internal Policy and Youth Policy and the Family of the RSA;
  • analyst and political consultant;
  • teacher of socio-political disciplines;
  • political observer;
  • editor of social and political editions.

Graduates of the specialty “International Relations” may hold positions:

  • attache;
  • diplomatic agent;
  • diplomatic courier;
  • Assistant to an expert on foreign policy issues;
  • secretary of a diplomatic agency;
  • Assistant Consultant on Foreign Policy Issues;
  • an employee of the bodies of foreign and foreign economic activity at state administrations;
    expert, consultant or consultant for advertising agencies and other positions intended to replace international specialists with higher education.

Graduates of the specialty “History” can work:

  • teachers, the staff of scientific institutions;
  • teachers and administrators of educational institutions;
  • heads of district, city and regional departments of education;
  • scientific staff in museums, archives of the region, in state authorities and management;
  • advisers and consultants of departments and institutions, deputy corps, parties, and public associations;
  • specialists of the departments of the internal and humanitarian policy of the city, district and oblast level.

Masters of Political Science, International Relations and History can continue their studies at the postgraduate study at BSNU, from other native universities to obtain a Candidate of Science degree or apply to the doctoral program (Ph.D.).

Graduates of the specialty “Sociology” can work on the following positions:

  • Head/analyst, PR – specialist of the sociological services of the bodies of internal affairs, SBU, Ministry of Defense of Ukraine;
  • Head of sociological companies, social projects;
  • Journalist, Media, and Public Relations (PR) specialist in public, commercial and non-governmental organizations;
  • HR Manager (HR Manager), Management Consultant;
  • Expert in organizing and conducting marketing and advertising campaigns;
  • Civil servant, a specialist in internal politics and public relations in state administrations and local self-government bodies;
  • Expert of analytical services of central bodies of state executive power (Administration of the President of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, ministries, and departments);
  • Teacher of humanitarian and socio-political disciplines;
  • Consultant in political parties, an expert in organizing and conducting election campaigns;
  • Consultant of international organizations (International Labor Organization, World Health Organization, United Nations Development Program, etc.).

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